1. Rinse your brush often. Paint is drying there as well as on your painting.
  2. Own a color wheel – complimentary color is directly across on the color wheel. Use a tiny bit to “soften” a color.  Do NOT put complimentary colors over one another if wet.  To get a BRIGHT color on over a dark color (red flower over green background), paint your flowers white first…once the green is dry, and the white is dry.  Paint over yellow…paint some color strips.
  3. Hold your painting up to a mirror so your mind will decipher the mistakes. Or…take a photo, or turn the painting upside down.  Look at “shapes”…triangle, lines, squares, etc.
  4. Upgrade as you get better.  Must have Professional White…two tubes!  Heavy body.  Buy Cad Red Medium, Cad Yellow.  Spend your money on Primary colors!
  5. Have a B & W image of your painting on your easel. Shows values.  Your subject will contain the darkest dark and the lightest light.  Gray scale on Color Wheel will show the color to use.
  6. Wherever there’s a light, there’s a dark. But if it’s a “background”, you may simply hint at something.  If you’re not “talking about it, just hint at it.”
  7. Golf course green: JUST DON’T.  (Only if doing “color surprise!  A dot here and there.)
  8. No one can draw a straight line! Own a T-Square!  Tape measure corner to corner…must be the same.  Measure your canvases.  Check for warping.  T-Square end will hook to edge of canvas.  Use plastic triangle…you can paint on the canvas.  Artist tape for windows/doors.  Burnish the edges (press down on the edges.)  Pull the tape off in the opposite direction you put it down.
  9. Invest in some really good brushes! You MUST have the correct tools!  A good brush will hold an edge…paint flat for wide line, and turn for thin line….that’s a good brush!  Different brushes have different reasons.  Don’t outline it because you’ll be stuck with it.  Start in the middle and paint out.  Overlap so you don’t have canvas or background color showing through.
  10. Brushes: Creative Inspirations from Jerry’s Artarama. (See Resources for link.)
  11. Brush to sign name: Picasso Brush Pen (shake well!)  Various colors. (Takes time to dry.)  Disclaimer:  I have no experience with this product.  I use permanent markers or liner brush and paint.
  12. Loose canvas? Spray back with hot water and let it dry (may use hair dryer.)  Thumping the canvas should sound like a drum if it’s stretched correctly.