Process of a Painting

The end result is NOT a great painting….that was not the point.  The point is to show the process from beginning to end.  This painting, of course, needs some detailing and finishing touches, but it will show you the steps I always take when painting.  I start with the foundation and proceed layer after layer.  Start with the furthest away and come forward.  I don’t try for “pretty” until near the end.  Thus, when I say a painting is not pretty until it’s done, I mean it.  Here’s the process….


I start with my background colors.  For this painting I’m using Emerald Green, Prussian Blue, Olive Green, and White.


I use an inexpensive chip brush from Walmart to apply my background.  I start with the dark colors and add white toward the end.


When dry enough, I take chalk and mark the outline of what I’m painting.


I use a flat brush to apply a coat of white to the appropriate subjects.


I use a white wash on the crystal.  I don’t always apply a wash to indicate crystal, but in the photo of this subject, it was appropriate to do so.


I add three more colors to my palette:  Red, Yellow Ochre, and Brown.


I apply a base coat of color to the apple and the pear.


I add values….darks and lights.  I use some of the Prussian Blue mixed with red to darken the apple, and I use Prussian Blue, Brown, and Yellow Ochre to darken the pear.


I add a light Yellow to the palette to add highlights.

After adding the shadows and highlights to all three subjects, I did a wash of Red and Yellow Ochre to the reflections of the fruit on the glass.