Items you need when painting at home or in class:

  • Canvas. Please do not bring paper or sheets of canvas to class. Where to buy canvases locally:  Walmart.  Other places I purchase from:  Ross Dress for Less, Michael’s, Jerry’s Artarama, Joann’s, Blick Art Supply.
  • Palette(s) for mixing paint. (Styrofoam plates are fine…Dollar Tree or Walmart.)  You can also use a plate and cover with aluminum foil.)
  • Washcloth. (It will get permanently stained, so something old is fine.)
  • Plastic bowl(s) for water (rinsing your brushes.)
  • Apron or old shirt to protect your clothes.
  • Acrylic Paint Brushes.  MUST say for Acrylic paint. 
  • Chip brush.  This is an inexpensive brush I get from Walmart; 1”, 2” or larger if needed.
  • Soft bristle brush.  I will demo and discuss in class.
  • Acrylic Paint.  I use SoHo brand from Jerry’s Artarama.


Go to Walmart. The Apple Barrel brand is fine to start out with, and the small bottles (2 oz) are .50 each. For $5 you can get all the paint you need for now.

Purchase primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow. Also buy White and Black.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY SETS OF PAINT. The quantity is too small, and the quality is not good.  You’re better off getting the Apple Barrel brand until you know if you like painting, and you will also get to try my paint in the meantime.

ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDED COLORS (but not required) if you wish to buy.  Buy just the small bottles – the 50 cent bottles:

  • Kiwi Green or Spring Green       (NO GOLF COURSE GREEN, PLEASE!)
  • King’s Golden Yellow
  • Turquoise or something similar
  • Magenta or dark Pink
  • Purple (your choice)
  • Any other colors you like!


I will be explaining them in the Acrylic Painting Just for Fun.  This is a class for anyone already experienced with painting or those who have finished the Basics class:

  • Palette knives
  • Sea sponge (large one may be cut into smaller pieces or Walmart has a small bag of them (5 or 6 in a bag)
  • Liner or Rigger brush
  • Filbert brush (2)
  • Toothbrush
  • Q-tips
  • Soft bristle brush (you can buy these in sets of different sizes)