Class Topics by Week

The first 30 minutes of each class is “lesson” time, and the remainder of class will be spent painting.


  • Class 1 – See “Class Discussion Items” – we will briefly go over this document to describe the types of things that will be discussed over the course of this class.

Instructor Demo – The importance of a foundation, and painting a background.

Skim Dry and sketch your subject with chalk.

  • Class 2 – Mixing Colors & Texture
    • Mixing Colors
      • Primary colors:  Red, Blue, Yellow
        • Secondary colors:
        • Red + Blue = Purple
        • Blue + Yellow = Green
        • Yellow + Red = Orange
      • Hue = pure color Red
      • Tint = adding White
      • Tone = adding Grey
      • Shade = adding Black

Instructor Demo

    • Texture
      • Purchase pre-made paste/medium or make your own.  Recipe is online under “Resources”
      • Purchase regular tissue paper and use a medium to adhere to your canvas.  May be applied at any time (over/under paint.)

Instructor Demo – How to use a pallet knife and texture; brush and texture.

Instructor Demo

  • Class 4 – Sealing/Varnishing a Painting
    • Discussion of varnishing:  Matte, Satin, Glossy.
    • The link supplied on the website will give you details.

Instructor Demo