Acrylic Painting – Advanced

*Prerequisite – Basics Class.

Students bring their own materials (paint, palettes (Styrofoam plates), brushes.)  You will select the subject you wish to paint.  The goal will be to complete your painting in four sessions.

Instructor provides aprons, specialty brushes to try, washcloths, water containers, sponges, easels, palette knives, and other tools.

We will discuss and learn various subjects and advanced skills. Those may include:

Still life, clouds, water, trees, leaves, grasses, rocks/boulders, textures, values, perspective, portrait, and more.

Instructor will demo one or more techniques and/or tools each week.

Class Fee: $60 for four weekly sessions, three hours each session.

To order supplies, click on link: Jerry’s Artarama Teacher’s List