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Acrylic Painting – Basics

Class will consist of 4 sessions; 2 times per week; 2-1/2 hours per session.
Class Cost $65 + $15 materials fee.

Learn the basics about brushes, paints, mixing colors, foundations, and blending. You will also learn to varnish, wire, and frame your works of art!  For learning purposes, in the class we will all paint the same subject.  This class will prepare you to move on to more advanced skills. 

Instructor demos:  Brushes, Paints, Mixing Colors, Foundation, Blending, Varnishing, Wiring, and Framing.

Instructor provided materials:  Materials Fee $15.  Basic paints and brushes that you will keep.

Student brings:  11×14 canvas (3/4”) or 11×14 canvas board.  If you have or find brushes you like, bring those.

Acrylic Painting – Just for Fun

To take this class, participants must have the experience level of the “Basics” class.

Class will consist of 4 sessions; 2 times per week; 2-1/2 hours per session.
Cost $65

This class is for the artist (new or experienced) who enjoys painting with others.  Group painting is inspirational and a good learning experience.  Paint whatever you wish!  Instructor will be available for questions, assistance, and will provide demonstrations on various tools and techniques.

Instructor Demos:  A variety of demos will be given.

Students brings: all their own materials (paint, palettes, brushes, rags, water container, etc.)


Workshops – may include specific painting techniques such as textures, palette knife, and using various tools. They could be on how to paint clouds, mountains, water, trees, grasses, and more.

Crafts – Not everyone wants to be a painter, so various crafts will be offered and may include projects such as:

  • Birdhouse painting                                         
  • Textured glass
  • Card painting
  • and more!

Workshops and/or craft projects vary in cost depending on the time and materials.

To request information about classes and/or workshops,
please call 480-329-6494 or visit the Contact page.

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